I have been inspired by real estate and the transaction process involved in changing hands of ownership of real property since 1983 when I closed escrow on my first home purchase. During the escrow period, I realized I was involved in every step of the way with a full desire to learn the process. Majoring and working in the industry of architectural engineering and construction management made it very natural to role past experience into the real estate industry.

In 1996, Robert Realty got licensed in Nevada and has been in business since then with offices in Las Vegas and Henderson, and finally settled in our current home office in Seven Hills as of October 1st, 2003. Robert Realty is an operated business of two generations, and the only real estate office in Seven Hills.

Over the past two decades, Robert Realty had the opportunity to engage with the local community and neighborhoods helping hundreds of sellers and buyers achieving their goals in real estate services, and looking forward to expand our horizons toward the next two decades.


License – B:49419